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Through the years I have designed and installed a number of edit suites and production studios.
I have also been involved with the installations of some very prominent facilities around Arizona such as Telemation Studios, Arizona Heart Institute, Northern Arizona University, Chase Field and US Airways Arena to name a few. A pet peeve of mine is the break out cables used to connect components to computer cards and other peripherals. Even though they may be necessary, I believe they make for extra bulk and unnecessary additional connections which have a possibility of failing. I would rather have the pin outs of the connectors and build my own custom cables so that I have the correct length for the application I am building and a direct connection between components without the use of adapters.

Pin outs for some manufactures are often difficult to obtain, often I have had to "ohm out" a breakout cable to discover what the pin out is. Below I have begun to share the fruits of my labor. Click on the links below to obtain an illustrated PDF file of these pin outs. I hope that you find them useful.



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