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David Gugel

David has worked in the video industry for over 25 years in the
Phoenix area. In 1983, he worked at Boswell Hospital producing
staff instructional and patient education videos. To expand his
knowledge, later that same year he also began working part time
at Telemation Studios as an assistant editor, and eventually took
a full time position with the company and worked his way up to a
staff editor. After a year of working in the darkness of an edit suite
and having a desire to pursue life with  daylight, David began working
with the production team in the studio operating cameras, learning

lighting techniques, recording audio and working as a video engineer. During his time in production,
David enjoyed working on commercials and industrial instructional programs for national and local
clients in the studio and on location. David also had a hand in remodeling and rewiring Telemation
during a renovation and reconstruction period.

Seeing an opportunity to fill a need in the live broadcast television market as an audio engineer,
David began mixing audio on a freelance basis for live sports television broadcasts -- football,
basketball, hockey, baseball, auto racing and also an occasional news show -- which led into a full
time freelance career. During this time, David also began doing system design and engineering to
fill in the days when he was not mixing audio.

One job was to oversee and help with the installation of the Jumbotron control room and several
edit suites for the Phoenix Suns at Chase Field, formerly known as Bank One Ballpark, when the
Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns were under the same ownership. At the end of that project,
David was hired as the Assistant Chief Engineer for Downtown Digital Post (DDP), a subsidiary of the
Phoenix Suns.

While working at DDP, David began working with Photoshop and After Effects so he could return to
the creative work he had enjoyed doing earlier in his career. David is using his new found talents to
create graphic elements for commercials, show opens and titles, show elements, interstitials and
content for digital signage.

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